LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my earrings! You're the BEST! -Laura W.

The jewelry that Melanie creates is a direct reflection of the intimate connection she has with nature, and helps remind me that I too, can have that connection and stay grounded. I own MANY pieces from her!-Mary B.

I give this jewelry to my wife every chance I get, and she absolutely LOVES each and every one! I get extra brownie points when she opens those little boxes, thanks Melanie! - Carter W.

Wearing jewelry that is unique, and something I won't see on someone else is great! Melanie's jewelry is just that unique as you are, love it! -Eve K.

Over the years, I have purchased Melanie's jewelry. As the years pass, I watch her artistry evolve, and increase in skill that I don't usually see with other jewelry artists who make artisan jewelry. I'm not a fan of diamonds and other stones that are mainstream. I know I can always look to her pieces for that unique quality that best describes my personality! - Gretta W.

Why buy boring jewelry for your loved ones?! This stuff is not boring! -Mike T.

What can I say, these pieces that she makes are carrying some sort of energy that I can feel! It must ne the love and thoughtfulness she puts in there, I don't know! -Susan B.

  I love my necklace! Melanie's attention to detail, knowledge about each gemstone, and where it came from is impressive. My necklace has a unique story about the gemstones and the design. I feel like I’m wearing a piece of art, which I can dress up or wear casually. --Renee W.

 Great! I've been buying your lovely art jewelry for years, first in person in Tallahassee, FL :). I think probably 15-20 years ago! You are my absolute favorite artist. So happy to see you thrive in your art and continue to explore your creativity!! -Mary R.

 I love your earrings so much! The gemstones are gorgeous and the quality is superb. Beautiful!- Amy J.

 Beautiful, wearable art. I love your jewelry and earthy designs. I always get compliments when I wear Melanie's jewelry. Kristi M.