Creations from our Earth, to wear upon the alter of the body

 Meet Melanie Miller, Jewelry Artisan 


Inspired by nature, the jewelry I create is an extension of who I am. Transforming metals with natural gemstones, I am influenced by our natural world, textures, landscapes, healing, and continued self-discovery.

My passion for harmony, peace, and connectiveness to Earth results in beautiful jewelry designed for timeless enjoyment. Each unique item is a statement that tells a story.

Modern, earthy necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings are crafted in my home studio using gemstones, natural etchings, and sterling silver. 

Melanie’s Core Beliefs

It is my wish to raise awareness and instill passion for our natural world.  Spending time with nature to develop our inner self and connections to our Earth is important for our inner beauty and spirituality.

Using natural gemstones, designs inspired by plants, trees, and animals is my ode to the Earth, giving each piece of jewelry continued life and artistic expression.

I’m also an equestrian, tree-hugger, cat lover, child of the forest, spiritual seeker, and advocate for protecting our natural resources. 

Keep the beauty of nature with you always. Thank you for visiting.