Melanie grew up in a turn of the century home of a Scottish immigrant, in McAlpin, a very small coal town in southern WV. After many occupations, she decided to strike out as a working artist, 17 years ago. After becoming a certified PMC artisan in December 2004, she has self taught in many aspects of PMC & jewelry design / fabrication.

Melanie is a full time working artist, participating in about 20 shows per year, and has taught several courses at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School,in Brasstown, N.C. She is a member is the Craft Guild of The Southern Highlands, TACA, and Piedmont Craftsmen. Her jewelry has been seen in several national jewelry publications, and she has won awards at many southern art festivals, thru the years.

She has been on a journey of self discovery, healing and conscience growth for many years, and wanted to incorporate her love of the natural world with the healing she has experienced thru her connection with nature, and positive words of higher vibration! This jewelry does just that! She now lives a very happy, peaceful life with her 3 cats, a mini donkey , Mr. Frodo, and rides the mountain trails with her beautiful retired racehorse, Gaelan.

The Process


Precious Metal Clay was developed in the 1990’s by the Japanese scientist, Masaki Morikawa.The material consists of microscopic particles of pure silver powder, water and a water-soluble, non-toxic, organic binder which burns off during firing. The Talking Tree Locket designs all start off as a drawing, I then make that drawing into an etching . I hand roll the silver clay into my etching, to pick up the design. Once these dry, some refinements are made, they are then fired to 1650 degrees for 1 hour, this is when they sinter into pure silver! I then oxidize the pieces with liver of sulphur, remove that, with a polishing lathe, to bring up the details, then they are assembled. All the work is done by my hands only, in my home studio in the North Ga. mountains. I use semi-precious stones as accents, and to add elegance. I love the Earth, and feel this is a way to carry a little piece of the beauty of nature with you always!