Conservation of Nature

Conservation of Nature

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How Nature Conservation Influences my Jewelry Designs

Like many people, one of my passions is nature conservation. Some people haven’t understood what the term means, how it affects you, and if this is something you need to be more aware of.

Nature conservation is important to understand. It’s everyone's responsibility to act and help preserve the world we know today. Let's face it, we all want clean air, water, and soil to grow food, to feed animals. Right?!

As we hear about different species becoming endangered, and the dangers of climate change, it imperative that we take action to preserve our beautiful world.

My life-long passion for nature has led me to design jewelry inspired by the stunning natural world around me. I craft my work to help preserve the beauty I have found.

What is Nature Conservation?

Nature conservation is the protection and management of natural resources. This includes protecting species from becoming extinct, maintaining plant and animal numbers, and developing restoration plans to help restore struggling species.

In addition to preserving ecosystems and habitats, nature conservation helps prevent deforestation, maintain soil organic matter, reduce overfishing, and slows down climate change.

Why is it important? So glad you asked!

Nature conservation is important because it helps ensure the survival of many species, maintain the integrity of ecosystems, and preserve the natural resources that provide vital services such as clean air, water, and soil to plants and animals across the globe.

It's about helping to maintain the delicate balance of our world. 

Additionally, conservation helps reduce the impacts of climate change and protect against natural disasters. Ultimately, the conservation of nature is important for the preservation of life on Earth and for the benefit of future generations. Because without it, well, we have no planet to live upon!

My Passion for Nature Conservation and Jewelry Sparked

Alchemist’s Garden Jewelry

Growing up in Southern WV, in the coal fields, I saw and experienced, EVERYDAY, the destruction of soil, water, and the land. My happiest times were spent in the forest, on my pony, alone with the gentle sounds, smells, and feeling of connection to the land. It impacted me deeply!

Heavily influenced by the beauty and intricacy of nature, my jewelry instinctively reflects the textures, landscapes, and colorful world around us. I transform metals and natural gemstones into wondrous reflections of our precious Earth.

Through my jewelry, even in some small way, I hope to raise awareness of the struggles our nature world continually faces and instill a passion for helping preserve and restore our glorious surroundings.

I hope to bring people closer to nature and help them connect to their inner own beauty and spirituality!

How I Create Jewelry Inspired by Nature

I use traditional silver-smith techniques with metal clay, (my next blog post will delve more into metal clay) and carefully select unique gemstones to create timeless jewelry pieces that are connected to Earth. These stones are originally made by nature and it's remarkable when you really think about it!

My handmade etchings and molds of botanical metal clay designs, when fired, turn to pure silver, emulating leaves, branches, and other natural elements.

Incorporating nature conservation influences the designs of my jewelry. Here are some of my methods that bring my artistic jewelry to life:

  •  Sourcing materials responsibly: I use materials that are sustainably sourced, I strive to use ethically mined gemstones and metals in my work, to minimize their impact on the environment.
  •  Supporting conservation efforts: I support conservation efforts by using my work to raise awareness about endangered species, threatened habitats, and other environmental issues. I have supported Save The Hemlocks-Ga for many years:
  •  Using conservation-friendly techniques: I strive to use techniques that are less harmful to the environment. I hand roll and hand cast my work with metal clay instead of using a machine, and I use non-toxic chemicals in the finishing process. 
  •  Educating my customers: I hope that through my blog and handmade jewelry pieces, I can educate others about the importance of conservation and share ways in which we can all support conservation efforts around the world.

Creating unique and limited jewelry pieces can develop an awareness of nature conservation and how important it is to the protection of our natural world and the important ecosystems within it.

Our natural surroundings deserve to flourish and be free from the destruction of humans and climate change. My fervent hope is that we will all work together to help maintain and restore our natural world and the huge array of plants and animals within it. 

By promoting sustainable sourcing, supporting conservation efforts, using conservation-friendly techniques, and educating others I believe that positive change in the world is possible.

I hope you will join me on the journey and make nature conservation a priority in your life too.

I have listed some great organizations below, if you want to join me in the efforts to help preserve our natural resources.

Arbor Day Foundation:

World Wildlife Organization:

The Nature Conservancy:

Oceana, protecting the world's oceans:

Sierra Club: 

Many more listed at:

Remember, your donations are typically tax deductible!


Inspired by nature,

Melanie Miller