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The Alchemist's Garden


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Himalayan Cedar, derives its name from the Sanskrit word devadaru, meaning the “tree of the divine ones.”  Deva is the root of the words “divine” and “deity” while daru means both “tree” and “true”.

I thought that name perfect for this piece!

This was actually an experiment that turned out beautifully!

The cedar fronds were taken from a tree in my own yard. This reminds me of seeing the full moon, and the stars through the pine trees at night!

The moonstone is 8 mm, the focal piece is just a little over 1.25" from top to bottom and not quite 1" wide at the widest point.

The sterling silver, textured link chain is 19 and a half inches long with a tiny crystal at the end.

.999 silver fabrication, with sterling silver bezel, and sterling silver chain.